Destination Debt Free: Six Week Course to Debt Freedom

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Destination Debt Free: Six Week Course to Debt Freedom

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Are you ready to be free from debt? Our course guides you through a holistic approach to tackling debt and creating a bright financial future. When you sign up you immediately receive a copy of our ebook Destination Debt Free: The Complete Guide To Mapping Out Your Financial Success to read before the course starts. 

Then, on November 1, you'll receive a pdf of worksheets to guide you through each chapter of the ebook and you'll have the opportunity to participate in weekly video meetings to discuss your progress. What are you waiting for? Next stop: debt freedom!

Course Summary:

Week One: Starting a Budget

Learn how to create a sustainable budget. Learn how to cut costs, earn more, and make your money work for you.

Week Two: Developing Your Financial Philosophy

Learn how to have a healthy relationship with money. For singles, it’s all about carving out your personal financial philosophy. For couples, it’s that and learning how to create a philosophy to fulfill both parties.

Week Three: Understanding Debt

Biggest problem with debt? So few actually understand it. Learn how debt works and how much it really costs. Have that “aha” moment and learn the ins and outs of debt so you can live a life free of it.

Week Four: Tackling Credit Card Debt

Drilling down on debt. You’ll learn how to battle one of the most addictive and costliest debt of them all: credit card debt. Learn how interest and minimum payments work, and how to strategically pay this debt off faster.

Week Five: Managing Loan Debt

Learn how to manage student loans, mortgages, auto loans, and other installment loans. Find help if you're struggling to stay afloat and learn tactics to pay loans off faster.

Week Six: Boosting Your Career

Finding fulfillment in your career can open up the mental bandwidth to focus on creating the best financial future possible. Learn how to cultivate a fulfilling career and optimize your earning potential.

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